Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates and Such

Here are some of the pictures that have been hiding out in my camera. Don't worry, we haven't missed too much...
A couple weekends ago, Tanya and I took a little sewing class! It was a good experience and I definitely left class feeling like I could sew a sunglass case and maybe even some curtains. I haven't sewn since class though and I feel my skills quickly slipping away.
Maggie is being funny on a daily basis, as usual. She is really helping me get to know my neighbors. Today while I was on a conference call, I noticed that Maggie and Sadie were barking for too long at a dog walking down the alley. Turns out the Beagle - named Miller - had wandered a few blocks from his home and was alone. I tried to take him home, but no one was there so I decided to leave him in my yard for a bit with my girls. Not 10 minutes later, that dog (not one of my princesses of course) opened the gate and Maggie and Miller ran off. I went outside and Sadie was sitting on the deck like "see what a good dog I am, I didn't run away". After about 20 minutes of searching the neighborhood (and the ditches on the busy streets), I couldn't find either Maggie or Miller. A little while later, I got a call from a lady who lives almost on Colfax and she had my dog. Apparently Maggie and Miller were still together when they caught Maggie, but Miller slipped away. He was last seen by the ice cream shop. His parents weren't worried, apparently he gets out all the time.

Maggie's favorite ball right now is this old golf ball. She thinks it's the perfect size!
And here she is, just enjoying the sun. This picture cracks me up. "Please come rub my belly"!!
All the rain has been making my weeds grow like crazy! All I had was a push mower and these weeds were way to high for the push mower to do any good. You could lose a dog in that!! Don't worry, I have a lawn mower now and the weeds are under control. From a glance, it almost looks like a grassy yard!!
And I can't believe I never posted these two pictures of Zoe Saba!! I love the first picture of her and Ruthie - so adorable!! Much love to the Saba's!
Sooo tiny! Well, I'm sure she is about 2x this size now... I need to go see for myself!

That's about all I have taken pictures of in the past month. I'll try to do better... Or not. I hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

1952 vs 2009, A Time Capsule

In 1952, my house was renovated. Under the hardwood floors that were installed then, the previous owners left me a type of time capsule in the form of a few old newspaper clippings. Based on the clippings found, I think they were trying to let me know how much things cost in 1952.

The following pictures are from The Denver Post, November 10, 1952 (my parent's were 2 at the time...)
I can't figure out what the top item on the left was, but 1lb of Chocolate Covered Cherries now goes for about $20. Which is about 40x the 1952 price.

Minute Maid OJ varies depending on if it is on sale, but you can buy it on the internet (seriously) for $4.49 for a 12 oz can. The 10.5 cent can is 6oz, so relatively speaking, OJ is up 21x.

Wrigley's gum now goes for about $0.50 a pack instead of 1.5 cents a pack, so 33x the 1952 price.

And yummy potatoes... Now let's say they cost an average amount of about $0.50 a pound. This 25 pound bag would go for about $12.50 today. That's a 14x incease over 1952.

The interesting thing here is the lotion that costs $1 for a 16oz bottle. I could probably get a cheap bottle of 16oz lotion at the dollar store. I could also pay about $56 for 16oz of Keils, so anywhere from 1-56x the price of 1952. Who loves their digital TV? I know I do... Can you imagine spending even $309.95 today to watch about 3 channels, each with only a few programs airing? Seems outrageous to me! Considering the typical inflation since 1952 is about 8x, maybe I need to start looking for sale food items to compare with instead of internet prices... But that still means this small, heavy TV would cost $2472 of today's dollars!

Any hockey fans out there? Can you imagine what it would be like to have only 6 teams?!? What, no Avalanche?
This little blast from the past sponsored by the past and current owner at 1201 Adams St.