Monday, November 24, 2008

Dogs, New Car, Happy Thanksgiving!!

I sometimes wonder if people out there are sad that my remodel is basically done... That means I really don't have too much to talk about and the blog is certainly more boring...

So, I'll start with Maggie. I swear she is cuter every day. Lately, she has been such a little snuggler and hops in my lap anytime I sit on the couch. Here she is with Sadie - sharing a bed:
That picture was from a few weeks ago and here is one from tonight. I know this sounds weird, but her nose is turning pink! This picture doesn't really do it justice, but the tip really is pink and seems to be getting lighter. Any idea why that would happen? Maybe her collar is rubbing off on it?And here are a couple of pictures of the guest room downstairs. The paint came out really nicely and the room, while small, feels quite cozy. It even fit the couch piece that didn't fit in the downstairs living room.
And here is a picture of the bed. Only a foot or 2 on each side, but it is workable.
And, I finally got mt new company car! Check out this sweet ride! This is much better than the "mommy missile" I was driving around. The only tricky part is finding a comfy place for Sadie to sit. I think she will be fine for short rides:
And another angle. I wonder if I will be able to keep it clean?
There are also lots of bells and whistles, like Satellite radio and a navigation system. I like driving it a lot - much peppier than my old car and perfect for crossing busy neighborhood streets ;) Here is my view. Don't worry, the light was red when I took this picture!
That's about all that is new! Check out the latest in the Bronco pool. Four of us crazies are just one game away from being out of it!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Since it has been a while, two posts in a day!

Since I am on a role and enjoying the break from "intellectual work", here are some house pics that I have been meaning to share!

The word "DONE" can now be officially used! There is still a (growing) list of things I need the contractors to touch up, but they will come back in January to do everything on the list and then they will come back again before my 2 year warranty expires at least once for touch ups! What a nice feeling to have a 2 year warranty. But the best part is this:
Looks like an ordinary back door, right? Well it is much more than that for me. This is where the lock box once was!! And it is GONE! That means no one can come in my house at 7am on a Tuesday without letting me know ahead of time!!! This was the best part of last week and what I had been waiting for to use the "d" word.

And now I have rugs, which makes the place feel a lot more like home! The wood floors are great, but a rug is a must, especially with the weather getting cooler! I couldn't even get this one unrolled before Sadie wanted to lay on it! She apparently agrees on the importance of rugs!

Here it is in the bed room. I wish the doorway was bigger, but it gives you an idea...
And a rug for the living room:

And a matching runner:
Here is another shot that was a long time in the making! Parking in the garage! I can do it now whenever I want! It still isn't a habit yet because my car barely fits, but I will get used to it soon! Especially when my new, smaller, company car gets here.
Here is a shot of the stairs in the basement. They make the place feel a lot more finished.
One bedroom and a wall have been painted so far, soon hopefully the whole area will be painted!There is still a ton to do - including outside, where the toilet still sits! I asked the contractors to remove this with their trash, but apparently they thought it was too pretty to take away! Haha, well maybe it is growing on me...

A Belated Happy Halloween!

Halloween on a Friday - that is a recipe for trouble!! Lucky for us, the trouble didn't come, but lots of friends did! Here are all the pictures that were in my camera. If anyone else has pics, send them my way and I will post them!!

Here are the hippie dogs!!Justin Timberlake (er, Chip) made an appearance in his famous costume for a famous SNL song. Name that tune!
And the boy scout (John) had to get a closer look. Don't get too close - it might bite!
And the skinny girls rocked the spandex this year! Jill is an 80's aerobics girl and Gwen is a high school wrestler - she even had a robe thingy. And notice baby Dave in the background, with a "bottle" of Jack.Perfect Jane Fonda form!!! I'd totally buy this exercise video!
I caught the cowgirl, without her Indian (hehe) and Anne, er Wanda was a hot tourist, complete with a fanny pack!
And all the hippies together for a group photo. What are the dogs looking at?!?
It was a great party! Thanks to everyone who came - there were some hilarious costumes, I just wish I had taken more pictures. That's why we needed Drea to be our photographer!! Next time I will do better - I have a blog to think about after all!!