Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Bronco Season!!!

And I think I might be the only person in Denver that is still pumped about the Broncos...

Here is what Season Tickets look like!! This year, I was smart enough to take a picture before ripping the first tickets out - go me! It's the 50th Anniversary of the Broncos this year and some of the tickets look extra cool - like the brown/tan ticket for when the Broncos did the unthinkable in 1960 and beat the Boston Patriots (look it up, cool story). Ok, the brief story is the Broncos were a po-dunk (sp?) first season team that got less press coverage than the School of Mines football team (OMG, right?). In their first season, they only won three games, but one of them was against the Boston Patriots who were as good then as they were in 2007. Maybe there will be some 1960s magic in Denver on Oct 11th and we can beat the Patriots again??First game! And it didn't rain, was about 70 degrees outside, couldn't have been more perfect football weather!!
Anne and I may have had a cocktail (or 2?) before the game and when we got to our seats, there were these awesome paper helmets. We wore them long enough for a couple pictures. They were hot - don't know how players stand real helmets...
Yes, we were those people. But only for like 10 minutes... :)
The hardest part of the game? No, not the score board... This:
I'm still sad that Cutler is not a Bronco and the game made it real. I can't bring myself to rename my fish, so I think I will have to draft Cutler on my fantasy team and keep rooting for him, just a little. Hey, I always liked Griese (ps played for the Bears and was briefly on my fantasy team) and Plummer after they left the Broncos so cut me some slack!

And for any of you that think my enthusiasm for the Broncos will be any less if they only manage to win one game this year, let me remind you of something... For four years, every Saturday in the fall, I painted my finger nails blue, half the time drove for 3-6 hours each way, put on a cute little blue skirt and a pony tail and cheered for the School of Mines football team. In four years, I saw them win 9 games. Yes, the total games won in four years was NINE. They played 11 games a year, so that means I saw them lose 35 times. And I still cheered for them every Saturday. My Junior year, they won ONE game and were even beat 70-3 (or something ridiculous like that) at home and still I was there. My love for the Broncos is at least on par for my love of the Orediggers. Take that.

And if anyone wants my prediction, I actually think the second half of the season will be very different from the first half, like last year, only the opposite. I think the talent and coaching will start to click and the Broncos will win a respectable amount of games. And I'll be there cheering for them no matter what. ORANGE AND BLUE.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slumber Party!!

I know, it's been a while... I just bought a new camera (I bought one not that long ago, but it broke on my 30th b-day). Hopefully I can post more pics of the most adorable pair of dogs around! And I still need to post the finished pics of the basement, so I'll get to that soon!

On Saturday night, Nicki and Chip ended up staying overnight for a friends wedding, so Denny came over for a slumber party. I tried my best to get a picture of all three dogs together...

Maggie and Sadie are total camera hams, but all I caught of Denny the first time was his tail.
Almost caught all of him the second try...

Third try was the best I could do, but then I cut half of Sadie out of the picture! Guess it wasn't meant to be. But the dogs had so much fun playing together. They stayed up late and woke up early just to play. I needed a nap today!! Notice how Sadie is looking at the camera in EVERY picture?? I have her trained ;)

Maggie loved being on the couch because then her head was at the same level as Denny's. And then she could launch off the couch right onto his head! It was really funny.
Sadie was the first one out. Leave the playing to the 2 year olds (btw, Happy B-Day Denny!)
And one other thing my "good" dog did... I've blogged before about how Maggie likes to dig in her bed. Well, now she is digging in MY bed!! To be fair, these sheets had seen better days, but they are by far the most comfy sheets I own. Darn puggle.

Bronco season is upon us! I'm excited to have Season Tickets again. If anyone wants to come to a game with me, let me know!!! First game is next Sunday night when Cutler and the Bears come to town, preseason style.