Sunday, June 22, 2008

Holey Hair Cut... And more house pictures!

My hair is SHORT... The shortest it has ever been. I am sure that I will like not having to blow dry for so long, but it will take some getting used to! At least I had 10+ inches so I could donate the chopped part! Every time I see pictures of me with the short hair, I don't think they look like me at all... Weird.

Here is me at the hair salon:

And here is how long the back was:

And here is what it looked like last night, post haircut:

I swear this picture looks nothing like me so I kept retaking it and they all looked exactly the same. So I guess this really is what I look like now...

Ok, and now for some house pictures. I don't have very many because nothing much has changed in the last 2 weeks - or so it seems to me!!!

The new furnace duct work is pretty much in. This is good because it means they can start to rebuild all the walls now...

And there really is a bunch of new duct work!! It looks pretty good, and the best part is that it is all new!And the new hot water heater is installed and working!

This week, I am making some decisions about paint. I have a base color, a trim color and an accent color. The base color, for most of the house, is a tan color. The trim is cream colored and the accent color is a dark mahogany color. Anyway, I am a bit perplexed about how to paint the different parts of the house - this picture illustrates the different levels of brick that are calling for accent and trim paint... But what color goes where??

And above all of the windows, there are levels of brick again, begging to have trim and accent color but what color goes best in each spot? Fun things to think about...

So this week will be spent waiting for my hair to grow a little and getting ready for more progress for more interseting posts!! If you have any painting ideas or tips, please pass them along!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All the... Small things...

yes, I know, the small things are very important - maybe even more important than some of the big things!!

the past week has been full of plumbers and HVAC guys doing their thing in the walls... I haven't seen a lot of changes, but that is mostly because new plumbing isn't that noticable but it is very important!! They are redoing all of the plumbing to bring it up to code. Here is a shot from the basement of the new plumbing:

AND... the old furnace is completely gone! Maybe by the end of this week I will have a new furnace and also A/C:

speaking of A/C, did you guys realize it was 90 degrees out yesterday? Made me really happy to be living in the basement. Oh home sweet home, covered in plastic tarps...

ok, and here are a few shots of the changes upstairs. This may look like just an ugly floor to you, but it is where all the kitchen tile used to be - they finally got it all out and are getting ready for new hardwood flooring!!

And here is where my vanity and toilet will go in the master bathroom!

And maybe my favorite part of the new house... my walk-in shower with jets! And no door! Weee!! You can see the big hole in the wall where they are cutting in space for the shower head...

I also wanted to congratulate Dave and Gwen on a beautiful committment ceremony last Saturday. Their vows were incredible - there is something so special about hearing what they have to say from the heart. I might have shed a few tears...

And, I am now a season ticket holder for the BRONCOS!! Yay! My uncle has (had?) 4 seats in the south stands and he sold me half of them. So... who wants to come with me to a game?? And ouch - $1,551 for 10 games... those tickets are getting spendy...

Ok, back to work... Speaking of work, last Friday was my 8 year anniversary with Agilent - can you believe that?? How old am I?? I hope everyone is having a good week!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Progress! Slow, but Sure!

Another good week for home remodeling - considering it was only a 4 day work week! Sorry a few of these pictures are a little blurry - I couldn't find my "real" camera and was using a cheapy one...

Here is my new kitchen wall! This is where some of the cabinets and the sink will go. It is nice to see what the new space will look like - seems pretty big to me :)

Here is the view from the front of the house. You can see what the new wall looks like again and a little of the "bar" area:
Here is the wall between my bedroom and the bathroom:
Just for scale, I put a chair here to show how much wider my new bedroom is - I stole a few feet from the new "bathroom":

And here is where my bathtub is going to be!! The plumbers are all over my house today to get the rough in done! In front of the bath tub is where my shower is going to be...

And here is one of my favorite pictures! This is where the asbestos USED to be!! They ripped it all out!! The basement looks super weird without any duct work, but I like it! Furnace should be out soon!! Here is the same area, just viewed from the other angle. A few pieces of the aluminum ducts are still there:
And say bye bye to this old water heater and furnace! They should be outta here soon!

Also, here is my "new" bathroom - ahh, such privacy! Nothing like some black tarp and hanging wires to make you feel like you are home!

At least my "new" bedroom has a fire place! I am planning to stay here this coming weekend, but not sure after that... I might stay here if the drywall dust and dirt doesn't chase me (and Sadie!) out!

It is nice to see progress! Also, a sewer guy came in last week and rootered out the pipes. Unlike the Rotter Rooter guy, he thinks my sewer line is actually ok and not in need of being replaced!! YAY!! But we are still not sure about the ejection pump for the basement bath - they aren't sure how that "poop" gets out to the main sewer line, so more investigation is to come!