Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It won't come off!!

Remember a few months ago, when I said I was "done" with my house... Well, I lied. This weekend, my dad is coming to help me finish a few projects in the basement, like installing some baseboards and light fixtures and flooring and what not. So, that means I have a deadline to get all of the new baseboards and walls painted. So, I spent a few hours tonight doing a little primer, coat, coat --- in my living room!!! The baseboard pieces are 16 feet long, and I don't have a saw, so I couldn't figure out anywhere else to paint them. Miraculously, I only made a mess on myself.

FYI, paint comes off hands easily with warm water and soap. Primer does NOT. I have an important meeting tomorrow at 8am... What should I do to get this stuff off??!?!
Here are the baseboards, as they were painted in my living room... This makes me cringe a little.
And here is another shot. My back hurts from bending over to paint these things... And if you look closely. you will see that there are 2 more boards on the side that aren't painted! YIKES! I Hope I can finish them tomorrow... Ah deadlines.
Last but not least, I have a new humidifier with my heating system... When it gets a little cool out, I get awesome windows that you can write on! I actually had a few frozen windows at one point, which might not be so good...
I had a wonderful time at Drea and Josh's wedding, and I want to wish them congratulations one more time! My camera went with me to Chicago but was dead on arrival so even though I remembered it, I couldn't take a single picture. Figures, right?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost a Month!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun!! I don't have too much to report, so prepare yourself for a blog of cute dog pictures!!

Ah, my girls:
Maggie has the cutest little underbite. Let me see your grill:
Christmas was amazing. I got to have my mom, sister, grandma and Eric over for Christmas dinner and the family time was very special. Rachel brought her LA dog, Cousin Ted. At first Ted wasn't having any of Maggie, but eventually they started to play and they had a lot of fun!

And Sadie was a good dog, as always. She really liked have a bow on her head... Or not...
Maggie got a new bone for Christmas:
So she tried to bury it in my new coat! That DOG!
Things are starting to be more normal again. Two weeks in a row of working 5 days has been very different than 2 weeks off! But I am feeling productive for the most part, so that's good! This new job isn't so bad!
Aunt Rachel, Maggie still LOVES her toys. She carries them everywhere (they are not allowed outside or in the bed, but everywhere else!):
And for Ann, here is our decorated Christmas tree! It was really beautiful. Thanks to my mom for decorating it and thanks to Eric for picking it out!
I couldn't resist posting this last picture... Paul emailed it to me. This is from Fritz's birthday party last weekend. I am pretty sure we were having a great time, right?!?!
Happy 2009 everyone! I'll try to find things other than the dogs to blog about!!