Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Broncos!!

Last year, I couldn't WAIT for Bronco season. I knew that it meant I would be just about done with 6 months of renovations and on my way to having a new (old) house! This year, I am still excited about Bronco season (that's not news) but I am also, finally, feeling settled in my house. Stuff has it's place and I am planning my next projects!! I keep going back and forth on what I want to do next, but I think the yard needs attention the most. Time to start some real planning!
But, this post is about the Broncos :) hehe!

I had so much fun at the Bronco game. Everything was perfect - the weather (yes, alot can change in Colorado in less than 24 hours); the energy; the WIN; and of course having good company. I got to bring a friend that was in town visiting to the game - he had never been to an NFL game, and I think he is a Bronco fan now!

Turnovers (and then touchdowns) on the 10 are exciting when the action is on the south side of the field:And this picture shows why the 90's were so amazing (ha! I include Terrell here. He is still my favorite Bronco of all time). Welcome to the Ring of Fame Shannon Sharpe!
And please don't cry - you're making me cry:
I would have taken more pictures, but I had a lot of beer (it was hot and I needed to keep drinking cool fluids) and forgot about my camera!! Oh well, only 12 days until the next Bronco home game! Bring on Tony Romo! But first, the Raiders - where are my Raider Haters at??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Lap Dogs!

I was going to do a post all about my Broncos and the things that I actually liked about the game on Sunday (specifically the defense, welcome to Denver Brian Dawkins, and my fantasy kicker Matt Prater), but I'll stick to dogs this week since I have a couple of cute pics in the camera that need to be shared!!

Here is my favorite 8 year old lab... She should be in calendars, maybe I will make my own calendar this year, hmmm... Friends and family, you now know what your Christmas gift will be!! Calendars of Sadie and Maggie!!
Maggie doesn't usually go in her cage without a treat, but the other day, she went straight in. Sadie was a little confused too. It was a one time thing, she hasn't done it since :)
She does like to sleep in her beds, does this look comfortable to any one??
This is her favorite spot to sleep. She is such a little lap dog!! If I'm laying on the couch, I can usually count on Maggie to come lay on my lap.
Oh that's right, I have TWO lap dogs. Here is my Sadie on a different day laying in Maggie's "spot".
And on yet another occassion, I ended up with BOTH dogs on my lap. This picture isn't great because it is from my CrapBerry, but it was all I had handy without moving the dogs. You can see Sadie on the left and Maggie on the right.

And Sadie and Maggie have asked to have a Halloween party again this year! Save the date, Oct 31st at our house. I am planning to clean up the garage and have either beer pong or flip cup (or both?!?!) so plan on it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Maggie, Speak!

We've been working on this trick for a while... Finally Maggie can reliably speak on command. Cracks me up every time.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!!