Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It'll get better, right??

The past week has been pretty rough. I have to give my contractor credit, he is pushing things along the best he can... Every day they update me on how it is they can still finish by the end of next week. Every day that goes by makes me more and more skeptical...

Anywho, here is my new back deck! Last week I posted about my fam tearing off the back mudroom - and yay! I think it looks awesome. And as timing would have it, Lowe's had all their patio furniture half price so I can fill it up when I have a fence (so it doesn't walk away...)
Speaking of fence, here is the side of my yard. There are little wood posts that show where the fence will be. Stupid city of Denver requires 16 ft between the street and the fence so there is some wasted space...
And yesterday my replacement vanity and tub were delivered. I went out there today after work to take a look and wouldn't you know - it is damaged pretty bad too! The scratch is pretty deep. Argh!!!
But from what I can see, the tub looks great! Yay!
Here is the hall bath - the tile was supposed to be done by today. Yeah, not quite. But I like the wainscoating - it will be painted white and the upper walls a light green. I am really liking the new tile floor too!
Speaking of tile, it really was supposed to be done today. Now I am looking for a new tiler that can start like tomorrow. The tile must be done this week to have any shot at finishing by the 29th and the progress since last Tuesday has been TERRIBLE! The guy is so dang lazy! So, we will see if we can find someone new NOW. But I think I am going to like the detail in the master walk-in shower :)
And the flooring looks pretty good too!
And the painters should start painting tomorrow! The have been prepping the last 2 days and the brick and windows are all taped up!Ok, and one for the doggies... This is my basement window. The dogs were playing in the back yard and all of a sudden they tried to come in the window! This window is almost 5 feet above the ground! Good thing we talked them into coming in through the door!!
So there it is, another disappointing week - but hopefully things will start to MOVE! I am out of town for work all next week and I can think of nothing better than coming home to a house that looks a little more like a house!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

At least I am not stupid!!

Ha - I took a silly IQ test today... and it said I am a genius. That made my day ;)

Intelligence Interval/Cognitive Designation
40 - 54 Severely challenged (Less than 1% of test takers)
55 - 69 Challenged (2.3% of test takers)
70 - 84 Below average
85 - 114 Average (68% of test takers)
115 - 129 Above average
130 - 144 Gifted (2.3% of test takers)
145 - 159 Genius (Less than 1% of test takers)
160 - 175 Extraordinary genius

My Heroes :0)

And I thought last week was the lowest point... I apparently wasn't looking at the chart quite right because I was still sliding down to the actual lowest point ;) Which I think I am at right now. I want to kick and scream because my house is still destroyed and I am spending every penny I have to live in a spider infested basement!! ARGH! Ok, enough whinning... Here are a few updates! Sorry for the long post, but it has been a while ;)

My parentals and Gwen came over on Saturday and tore off the ugly 'mud room' that was on the back of the house! It was a strange shape that didn't really complement the house and it blocked all of the great natural light from the back door... So, we tore it down!! What a big deck I have now!! My contractor was surprised and glad we didn't kill our selves! How tough are they:

Did you know it rained HARD on Friday night?? I was getting ready to head out and heard a trickling sound... it was water coming in the side door and down into my basement! Check out the little pool that formed!!

Frog towel to the rescue! I bundled it up and jammed it under the door. The rain eased up and stopped coming in the house... But it shows just how important gutters are!! Hopefully the new ones will be up in the next week.

When the freight company dropped off my damaged vanity, they forgot to bring my tub. For about a week, we thought someone had stolen the tub off the freight truck, but then I got a call that it was found! Hurray - that meant it wasn't lost and it could be installed soon... No wait, that crate looks a little damaged... and that isn't what the tub is supposed to look like!!
Fortunately I was at the house when this was delivered, and we just refused to accept it. 0 for 2 on the master bath stuff! There are still arguements between the supply company and the freight company about who pays for the damage, but the wonderful news is that a new tub and new vanity will be here in 3-5 days!! Ok, that was one recovery that could have been baaad.

There is another contractor that has been helping at my house and he is also a great carpenter! In the past week or so, he has gotten all of the trim installed, including the new trim around the doors and the baseboard. The drywall guy has about 2 days of stuff to finish and then we are ready for paint! Oh and I need to get a new back door... Of course this door size is a custom size... nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

And the bead-board is going up in the hall bath... Big improvement.
See what a mess my house is? How are they going to get all these pieces back together??

I have a few other pictures on my camera that I can't get off... A few are pictures of "cone-head" AKA Sadie. Last weekend, she did something (I still don't know what) and cut her head - she needed about 10 stiches (on a Saturday night - yeah, pricey) and the cut was almost an inch deep. Poor doggie. But she is almost better now and getting the stiches out tomorrow.

And Rachel is coming to visit this weekend!! YAY!! We will spend some time together and go to the Crawl for Cancer on Sat night. There are still 2 openings on the team if anyone wants to drink on Saturday afternoon for a good cause!!