Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Relocation - that about sums it up...

Everything in my world seems to be about relocation at the moment. Temporary housing for me and the Sadie dog... relocating the blog for the time being... in the past 10 weeks since I sold my townhouse, I have had 4 different "beds", so I know a bit about relocating.

I have some pictures to post and deicded the best thing to do was to start somewhere new. So, here goes:

The house is moving along. Slowly. But here are the real things that are getting done:

These are a part of the new stairs. This is where my sit-at bar will be, and the only seperation between the dining room and the kitchen!!

This is the view looking down the NEW stairs! This was apparently a very tricky thing to do, but I like the way the turning stairs look!
And here is the view from the front of the house! Sure enough you can see all the way to the back door! Soon there will be cabinets and stuff in the way, but it will be very open!

And the begininnings of my master bath. That closet you see will soon be where my bathtub is and the window will be in the shower. I am adding about 2 feet to the width of the master bedroom, hence the torn down wall.
And here are the stairs from the basement view. The stairs were a very major part of the remodel and now that they are roughed in, things will start to move more quickly.

And here is my xeroscaped front yard! There used to be some bushes that were out of control along the porch, but they got ripped out. At least it looks like someone lives here!

What is that brown wall you ask? Well that is what was UNDER the solar panels! Yay! The solar panels are at least off the house. And really I should stop calling them solar panels because there were just glass panels to collect the heat and trap it in. Now I need some windows...
Another side view, panels removed. I have to start thinking about painting the outside now...
And one last view of where the solar panels once were... And this is my side door that actually gets its own mail in that box because it is a real address on 12th!
This one got a little out of order, but this is looking at where the kitchen used to be!

Ok, that's it for right now. This week the HVAC guys are supposed to be removing the furnace from 1960 and taking out the icky asbestos. Plumbing and electrical rough ins are also starting soon!


Anonymous said...

yay to ghiazza being back! i can't wait to see the new place!!!!

Laura Saba said...

Yeah for the new blog!!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I'm so glad they are starting to make some serious progress! We should hang this weekend, give me a buzz, baby.

Suzie & Mike said...

Hey neighbor, maybe we'll run into each other this weekend. I love seeing the remodel pics, keep em coming!