Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It'll get better, right??

The past week has been pretty rough. I have to give my contractor credit, he is pushing things along the best he can... Every day they update me on how it is they can still finish by the end of next week. Every day that goes by makes me more and more skeptical...

Anywho, here is my new back deck! Last week I posted about my fam tearing off the back mudroom - and yay! I think it looks awesome. And as timing would have it, Lowe's had all their patio furniture half price so I can fill it up when I have a fence (so it doesn't walk away...)
Speaking of fence, here is the side of my yard. There are little wood posts that show where the fence will be. Stupid city of Denver requires 16 ft between the street and the fence so there is some wasted space...
And yesterday my replacement vanity and tub were delivered. I went out there today after work to take a look and wouldn't you know - it is damaged pretty bad too! The scratch is pretty deep. Argh!!!
But from what I can see, the tub looks great! Yay!
Here is the hall bath - the tile was supposed to be done by today. Yeah, not quite. But I like the wainscoating - it will be painted white and the upper walls a light green. I am really liking the new tile floor too!
Speaking of tile, it really was supposed to be done today. Now I am looking for a new tiler that can start like tomorrow. The tile must be done this week to have any shot at finishing by the 29th and the progress since last Tuesday has been TERRIBLE! The guy is so dang lazy! So, we will see if we can find someone new NOW. But I think I am going to like the detail in the master walk-in shower :)
And the flooring looks pretty good too!
And the painters should start painting tomorrow! The have been prepping the last 2 days and the brick and windows are all taped up!Ok, and one for the doggies... This is my basement window. The dogs were playing in the back yard and all of a sudden they tried to come in the window! This window is almost 5 feet above the ground! Good thing we talked them into coming in through the door!!
So there it is, another disappointing week - but hopefully things will start to MOVE! I am out of town for work all next week and I can think of nothing better than coming home to a house that looks a little more like a house!

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Anonymous said...

looking good! can't wait to see it in a few weeks!!!