Monday, November 10, 2008

A Belated Happy Halloween!

Halloween on a Friday - that is a recipe for trouble!! Lucky for us, the trouble didn't come, but lots of friends did! Here are all the pictures that were in my camera. If anyone else has pics, send them my way and I will post them!!

Here are the hippie dogs!!Justin Timberlake (er, Chip) made an appearance in his famous costume for a famous SNL song. Name that tune!
And the boy scout (John) had to get a closer look. Don't get too close - it might bite!
And the skinny girls rocked the spandex this year! Jill is an 80's aerobics girl and Gwen is a high school wrestler - she even had a robe thingy. And notice baby Dave in the background, with a "bottle" of Jack.Perfect Jane Fonda form!!! I'd totally buy this exercise video!
I caught the cowgirl, without her Indian (hehe) and Anne, er Wanda was a hot tourist, complete with a fanny pack!
And all the hippies together for a group photo. What are the dogs looking at?!?
It was a great party! Thanks to everyone who came - there were some hilarious costumes, I just wish I had taken more pictures. That's why we needed Drea to be our photographer!! Next time I will do better - I have a blog to think about after all!!

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Dud I so wish I could have come, I am so short on photo ops out here.