Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!! (or dog food... again)

Did you guys know that Maggie is the luckiest little puggle in the world?? A few months ago, Maggie (who is a proud member of the Puggle Posse) won a new dog bowl from Mr Puggle. We watched the video and thought, surely there is a different puggle named Maggie, my little Maggie has never won anything! Well, she was the winner!!

And, she is so lucky that she got some goods for her sister as well! Mr Puggle sent us TWO dog bowls and even setup a store full of Sadie and Maggie swag. Yep, Christmas gifts are already purchased and it's only May!

Here are the girls, enjoying their new bowls! Thanks Mr Puggle!! And if you are jealous of these amazing personalized bowls, get in touch with Mr Puggle's mom, she is amazing at this stuff!