Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Get Rid of the Gremlins??

This morning, my contractor was at my house and they told me I needed to think about doing something to get rid of the gremlins... They said that since we have had so many more problems than they usually see, there must be something in the house that is not happy with us remodeling. Whatever - I think they are the gremlins that I want to just finish and leave already!!
While I was in training in wine country last week and in NYC over the labor day weekend, some real progress was made at least:
My room is painted - Mercer blue:
The master bath shower is all tiled and painted. Just waiting for the tub and for the glass shower wall:
And it has a toilet in it! Not working yet, but soon! Can you see the wall color??
And here are some shots of the kitchen! The cabinets and countertops are in - and the backsplash just needs some grout:
Oh and maybe some appliances, like a fridge would be nice (they are in the garage!):
The back wall in the kitchen is painted the same blue as my bedroom and my back door is a big window:
And here is the shot of the whole kitchen. It's a little messy, but coming together!
And I have a nice privacy fence around the yard - really makes the outside look cleaner by covering the torn up back yard:
And the hall bath is coming along as well. I wish the painter wasn't stupid and realized that when I said white paint I didn't mean cream paint like the rest of the house... Oh well, they can redo it.
Sooo, bottom line is the house is not finished like it should have been and the flooring hasn't even started yet. There will no longer be a party for the Bronco v Raider opening game, but hopefully a Halloween party will work out... It has been so hard to post anything lately because it is all so disappointing and I don't really want to talk about it... But the week away felt really good and hopefully I can keep my spirits up for another couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

house looks great! can't wait to see it--love the kitchen.

Kelly Reiber said...

I'm addicted to your remodel. You have great taste, the glass mosaic backsplash is so pretty and I bet it looks great with the deep blue wall. Cool black stripe with the white tile! Want to do my house next?

Laura Saba said...

I LOVE the backsplash. It all looks great, it will definitely be worth all the headaches in the end.

Michelle said...

You are really truly amazing. I can not believe you are doing all of this at once and it is turning out so fantastic. I know you are disappointed but I really applaud you for keeping on top of those contractors and not letting anything slip through. Once the contractors leave it will just be you and your house so you are right on making sure it is right for you. Just keep on chuggin' and you will be done! I give you an A for your management skills! :)

Anonymous said...

I can understand how frustrating the delay is... but it is really coming together beautifully! Can't wait to see the finished product.