Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It won't come off!!

Remember a few months ago, when I said I was "done" with my house... Well, I lied. This weekend, my dad is coming to help me finish a few projects in the basement, like installing some baseboards and light fixtures and flooring and what not. So, that means I have a deadline to get all of the new baseboards and walls painted. So, I spent a few hours tonight doing a little primer, coat, coat --- in my living room!!! The baseboard pieces are 16 feet long, and I don't have a saw, so I couldn't figure out anywhere else to paint them. Miraculously, I only made a mess on myself.

FYI, paint comes off hands easily with warm water and soap. Primer does NOT. I have an important meeting tomorrow at 8am... What should I do to get this stuff off??!?!
Here are the baseboards, as they were painted in my living room... This makes me cringe a little.
And here is another shot. My back hurts from bending over to paint these things... And if you look closely. you will see that there are 2 more boards on the side that aren't painted! YIKES! I Hope I can finish them tomorrow... Ah deadlines.
Last but not least, I have a new humidifier with my heating system... When it gets a little cool out, I get awesome windows that you can write on! I actually had a few frozen windows at one point, which might not be so good...
I had a wonderful time at Drea and Josh's wedding, and I want to wish them congratulations one more time! My camera went with me to Chicago but was dead on arrival so even though I remembered it, I couldn't take a single picture. Figures, right?


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Thanks and I'm glad you had fun! Try some mineral spitirs.

Heidi said...

Goo Be Gone or Lava, I think it's called. There's all kinds of stuff you'll find in the weird random isle in the grocery stores with light bulbs, extension cords and mops.