Monday, March 16, 2009

What a Year...

Exactly one year ago today, I handed over the keys to my cute little townhouse in Belmar. I loved that place - it was perfect for me and Sadie! A nice park across the street, the library, and of course, all the shopping!! Sadie and I often wandered over to the Petco, just to look around. There were some negatives, like the ancient neighbors and a cement courtyard, but overall it worked. During the 2007-2008 winter, I promised Sadie I would find a place with a yard by fall 2008 so she could spend time outside (and so that snow boots weren't required 3-4 times a day when she needed to go outside). In January 2008, just as I acknowledged that I would try to find place with a yard at some point during the year, I got the postcard that started all of this...

I should also mentioned that this postcard arrived 2 weeks after Maggie - call it fate, but it felt right to sell my townhouse and find a back yard!

I looked at probably 80 different places over the next 6 weeks trying to find the right place. I found one promising place and had it under contract, but in the end the seller and I couldn't agree to terms. I wanted something in an old neighborhood that was move in ready.

Umm, what did I just say? Move in ready?? Hmmm...

I had a list of things I wanted in my "dream home" and when I found the house on Adams, I saw the potential. I underestimated the work to get to "dream home" status, but it had potential.

First on the list was a yard. I think my yard is perfect! Not too big and not too small. And Maggie spends about 8 hours a day outside, minimum, so this is perfect for her.Next on the list was an open floor plan and I could tell that this place would make me happy. This is the only room that got a minor face lift. It was close to perfect right from the start.
A garage was also a must, and a 2 car garage was preferred. That is what I found, plus the access off 12th instead of the alley AND an oversized section that has tons of potential as well.
I also wanted a front porch-- check. A laundry shoot, or even better main floor laundry -- check! A nice kitchen, with room for entertaining -- check!! A good neighborhood within walking distance of bars - check!!! A home office and also a place for visitors to sleep - check!!!!
So, after the roller coaster of the past 12 months, I have indeed found my dream home:

Now, I just hope I can keep it ;)

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Anonymous said...

what a year. i love the house and love my sarah.