Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Lowest Point...

My contractor showed me one of their favorite charts yesterday... It shows the level of excitement at each stage in the remodel process. Turns out, I am in the middle of the lowest part of the whole process, and I can really feel it. This past week included a small melt down, but at least I know it was because I am at the lowest point... If I can figure out how to scan that chart in, I will share it with everyone!!

We had a cabinet crisis this week. After they started putting the cabinets in, I noticed that the doors and drawers were not what I ordered... Turns out what I ordered didn't actually exist so the cabinet guy filled in with something similar... but oh so not the same! After some kicking and screaming (and yelling too), we figured it all out and the doors and drawers will ultimately be what I want.

So, the boxes are almost in (and being installed in this picture):

Here are the cabinets on the sink wall. The last cabinet on the top row is getting replaced (the left one is 24" and the right one is 21" -- those aren't the same number, right?):

And here are the cabinets on the opposite wall. My pantry will be pretty cool because those shelves on the bottom swing out and then there are more shelves behind!!

And in bathroom news, the tiling might actually start tomorrow. Kinda thought it would be done by now, but no. Here is the tile I picked. The multicolor mosaic is being used as the shower floor and also as a trim / border around the shower area. I am using 18" and 6" tiles on the floor in the color of this 6" tile:

And about a week ago, I thought the master bath vanity wasn't coming until late September, which was a bummer since that meant no place to brush my teeth... But then I found out that it was actually on the truck and it is in my garage right now:

One small problem... It is damaged. So I have to call and insist they give me a bunch of cash to fix it, or take it back and send me another one... oh man, my head hurts...

If this really is the lowest part, then it can only be up from here, right? Target completion is Aug 22nd - just over 3 weeks to go. From now on, there will be like 4 people working on my place at all times. I hope this time goes fast!!!

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Laura Saba said...

Hang in there. From an outsider, it looks like it is coming together. You probably just need a dinner out with Laura and Ruthie.