Sunday, July 13, 2008


I seriously can't believe it!! Almost 3 months since we started tearing down walls, and I have walls again!! This means all of the plumbing and electrical is pretty much done and the work can start moving right along, with fun changes!! I was out of town for work this week and it was so nice to come home to see real drywall. The plan is for the drywaller to be done texturing on Wednesday. So a messy few days ahead, but I can handle it!

Here is the view from the front. Notice the second arch way - that was my mom's idea. I didn't like it at first, but I really like it in this picture!!

And I have walls in the bathroom! This was probably my favorite part because now I can see where the shower will really be, where the tub is, etc.

Like the new window too? It is frosted on the bottom, but clear on the top! There is one window in my neighbors house that has a good "view" but with some nice curtains or perhaps standing in the right spots, this should not be a problem!

And this is my upstairs laundry room - my washer and dryer will be where the stool is. Don't worry, the orange pant is not going to stay...

And here is a good shot of the hall bath as they start the demolition. In the old days, they used to put concrete (almost called it cement and then thought of Laura) on the walls a few inches thick and then attach the tile to that! This means that a ton of concrete coming off the walls. I am glad to be rid of the ugly tile though!!

I also decided to put a window in the garage/shed room. This will make it much easier to see inside and I think it will be a great room for Sadie to hang out it in!!

A productive work week for sure! This week, the cabinets are being delivered on Tuesday and should be up by the end of the week! And my hardwood flooring should be here soon too! I also ordered a BUNCH of tile and the tile guys are starting tomorrow!! More pictures soon, I promise!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Looks wonderful, moving right along!

Laura Saba said...

Yay, progress! I am glad that you have been schooled in the difference between cement and concrete. Suzie probably would have corrected you if I hadn't. So sad though that you have drywall now and I didn't get roomie back.

Carrie and Carlie said...

YAAAYYY you have a blog too! You are always on ours, yet have neglected to fill us in on yours (I talked to Kezia while she was at work at 4am your time and she filled me in)! I can't wait to see the house! Now finish all the remodeling and make some more $$ so you can get your butt out for a visit (I don't think the parents will make it out without you as their fearless leader :-)