Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There ARE cabinets in those boxes...

Yesterday, my presents were opened and there really are cabinets in those boxes!! Sorry the flash didn't work too well, but there are starting to be cabinets in my kitchen. The counter top template people are coming out on Friday so that means the cabinets will all be in place by then!!!
Here is a closer image of one of the cabinets. I still need to pick out the door pulls, but I think I am really going to like these!
I decided to take one more picture of the hall bath in all its destruction / glory. Concrete walls to hold on the tile - crazy!! But this should turn out super cute when we are all done!

And progress (just a tiny bit) has been made in the master bath - the shower pan has been poured. It takes a few days to set, and then the major tiling can begin!
Kitchens and bathrooms - oh my! Hopefully lots more changes are coming in the next few days!!!