Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Have A New Favorite Color!!

It is called Craftsman Brown from Sherwin Williams, and it is the color that my house has been painted!!! YAY! No more ugly wall for me!!
There is still a lot more to do and the painters will be at my house for a few more days, but that is ok by me because it is looking really good! I actually drove past my house on the way home the other day because I didn't recognize it!!
This picture is the only part that has both the trim and the accent color on it. I really like the way the colors look together:
And here is the front porch, zoomed a little to see the color better:

Since I don't get to have brick color on the outside, I am adding more brick color to the inside! Unfortunately the flash didn't work right, but this is the wall in my kitchen and they are exposing the brick that was under the plaster:

And BRING ON THE DRYWALL! My house is framed and electrified and plumbed and we are ready for drywall! Should start today or tomorrow and then we can rock and roll! After drywall is tile and cabinets - FUN!

From the bathroom - you can see the electrical and plumbing in the walls:

And lastly the kitchen that will start to take shape soon!

Some progress is better than none! As things develop over the next couple of weeks, I should be able to post more changes. I asked my contractor when he wanted my appliances delivered and he said the last week in July! That means that sometime THIS month, I will have my kitchen almost set!! Weird to think about - what would I do with a full size fridge?

I'm off to LA on Thursday to spend a long weekend with my sister - I cannot WAIT - beach here I come!!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Fabulous progress! What a difference a coat of paint makes huh?

Rachel said...

Wow I love the color of the house it look amazing!

Tanya said...

It looks great! I drove by it the other day and drove right past because I was on the lookout for that weird color it used to be. It looks so great! You need to get your doorbell fixed. I know this is probably not high on your priority list, but the couple times I've stopped by and yelled in, Sadie just barks at me. Too bad dogs don't really communicate with us like Lassie did. Then Sadie could have told you it wasn't someone scary, it was just me. :)