Thursday, September 18, 2008

2008 Bronco Football Pool

Good thing you have people fill out their picks before the season starts... Perhaps there are a few nay sayers on this list, but whatever - the rest of us are happy to take your money!

Here are the picks as I have them:

11-5 (pts TBD) Nancy I (paid)
11-5 44pts Fritz H (paid)
11-5 39pts Sarah G (paid)
11-5 38pts Monica E (paid)
10-6 (pts TBD) Gary I (paid)
10-6 52pts Tom G
10-6 38pts Chip F (paid)
9-7 49pts Rachel G (paid)
9-7 45pts Dave O
8-8 42pts Dave L
8-8 41pts John C (paid)
7-9 42pts Paul M (paid)
7-9 39pts Eric B

If there is a typo on this list, let me know before kick-off on Sunday, September 21st or I will assume I got your pick and points right.

$130 on the line!

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