Monday, September 22, 2008

Please Excuse the Mess!

I broke down and bought a camera yesterday! I really like it - way nicer than my old one that only took blurry pictures. I suspose sometimes we lose things for a good reason! Anyway, here are some pictures of the house. I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked over the weekend moving in, so please pardon the messy counters, floors, etc ;)
Here is the new front shot! What a difference paint and a nice fence make! Compare this to the shot in the upper right corner from 6 months ago!!
And another one with a slightly different angle:
The pups are really happy - they love sliding all over the floors. I wonder how they will feel when the rugs get here... Hopefully I will know later this week!
This is Maggie's favorite spot in the house. She loves to lay on the back of the chair or couch!
Here is my kitchen sink :) I really like the way it turned out and the backsplash adds the right amount of spunk I think!
Here is my nook that I plan to use as a breakfast area. I'm glad I decided to expose that brick - it adds a nice touch!
And here is the almost done hall bathroom! I might like this bathroom even more than my master bathroom. When I was young, like 13, I decided that I wanted my bedroom to be black and white. I used those stick down tiles inplace of my carpet and had a black and white room! Later I added a rug - it was green - and I really loved it. Well, black and white and green are back for me!! I actually chose the wall color to match the towels and shower curtain from Pottery Barn that I loved!
And here is the laundry room - fun!
Here are the lights that are in my office. They turned out well and I am looking forward to getting everything setup in here today!
Here is the view from inside my shower :)
If I am not sure where Sadie is, I can usually find her in the bathroom! I wonder if she likes the tile floor because it is cool perhaps?? Earlier today she was snoozing in the shower!!
Here is my bedroom. It's amazing how little else fits when you have a queen bed!!
Here is a shot from the front of the house! Can you find the puggle?
And here are the lights above my dining table and at the bar. They turned out really nice!
This post uses the words "like" and "love" a lot! I guess that means things are much better around here!! I don't feel settled or moved in, but I think that is mostly because I don't have a closet setup yet. My $900 of supplies from the Great Indoors were stolen out of my garage at some point during the remodel. The contrator has agreed to install shelves and rods for me, so we will get that started later today. Hopefully at the end of next weekend, I will feel like I really live here!
Please come visit if you are in the neighborhood! And mark your calendars for Halloween - I am having a paaaarty! With costume contests and all!!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

It looks fantastic! I wish I could be there for the party...

Mr. Puggle said...

Hey Maggie! I am Mr. Puggle and I lay on the back of the couch the same way. Only, I chewed the corner because it was leather. How am i supposed to tell the difference between that and rawhide chew toys? Smells the same.

Anyway Maggie, I just wanted to tell you about my new Puggle store . I made it because there was no cool stuff for Puggels out there. I will be adding more stuff soon.

I can make a store for you for free if your people send me a high resolution picture of you and your buddy. I can personalize text too.

Cool house by the way! The decorations turned out nice. LOVE that washer and dryer.

Enjoy the hardwood floors. My people tease me on our tiles because I can't get traction and they throw a pellet of food and I chase it. I look like scooby doo when I try to run after it and slide about three feet when I try and stop.

Mr. Puggle

Anonymous said...

The house is amazing--are you up for helping with mine? I love every room, but that green bathroom might be my favorite! I can't wait to see it and you this week! wish i could make it to the party, instead I'll be trick or treating with the kiddos--I mean the star wars crew.

Carrie and Carlie said...

Yaay it looks super good! We will be stopping by for a visit and our grand tour sometime after Christmas!