Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Really Should Be Working...

But I got kicked out of the home office because they turned the power off... I am at the coffee shop and decided it would be more fun to put up pictures from the new camera!

So, here is what Maggie calls the good life. Does that really look comfortable??
Um, seriously?? Just who do these dogs think they are? I need another couch for me apparently:
And I even bought a new dog bed for the living room... Here are the two pups playing... Check out Sadie's teeth!!!
What a cute little belly on that dog!
And here is Eric and Maggie lounging around. Snuggle puggle!
And here is my new porch swing that I need to hang... It was hand made - let me know if you want the guys info that made this!
And today, Dewey was working on my closet... Here is the very beginning. I think this will turn out even better than the shelving from the Great Indoors!!
And one more piece of good luck for me!!! I was talking with a garage door guy (my doors are pretty much completely broken, I am afraid they might be stuck closed right now... And if I open them, they might get stuck open!) and he found some really cool doors for the same price as standard, generic doors! They are carraige style and will go well with the fence details. Someone else bought them and didn't like the color so they have been installed, but never used - so I get a good deal!! Here's an example from the web... Fun stuff!
So, that's the latest!! Who wants to watch the Bronco game with me??


Anonymous said...

cute garage door. what a deal! it looks like you are on the home stretch, can't wait to see it!

Hydro said...

I was looking back over the old pics and I was thinking that you should put some before and after pics up! I was telling my boyfriend Wayne all about your construction adventures and it's getting us excited for when we'll be doing the same! Great job! It looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, where's the update?