Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm IN!

After 6 months without a washer and dryer, I got to do laundry in my house on Tuesday night!! (Big thanks to Chip and Eric!)
And I bought a carton of ice cream to put in the freezer!
And I have room for a whole 12 pack of Diet Coke in the Fridge!
And I got to do dishes in a dishwasher!
And I used a glass and a real plate to eat dinner that I prepared at home!
And I laid on a couch in my own house!
And I haven't seen a spider all week!
And there is a toilet paper holder in my bathroom!
And I don't have to go up or down stairs to let the dogs out!
And I worked from home a little this week at the dining room table!!
And I stayed behind one closed door to go to bed and shower in the morning!

These may all sound like things you do every day, but for me, this list is HUGE! I haven't done any of these things in 6 months! Just a few more to knock off the list, like parking in the garage, not having strange people in my house, and getting a few more boxes unpacked, but wow - what a difference in my quality of life!

Of course I can't find my stinkin camera anywhere - I even bought new batteries for it - so no pictures in this post. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood!!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Yippee! Congratulations, I knew you'd get there.

Gwen and David said...


Anonymous said...

that's great. I can't wait to see it!!!-Kathryn

Anonymous said...

yay!!! i'm so happy for you, can't wait to see the pictures---I feel as if I've gone through the process a bit with you (but with a washer, dryer, bathroom, freezer, etc.)

Rachel said...

Fantastic!! Now I can come visit and do my laundry too!!